Monsta - Like You Lyrics

D R, Monsta , Aarahdna

I’ve been around the world
And I have met them all
But there’s nothing quite like you boy
You boy
I’ve seen many faces
Been a lot of place
But there’s nothing quite like you boy
You boy

You can do like I do that there
Nonchanlant at the bar like I do not care
Yeah right mama had me so I snuck in stare
And of course she was noticing I had debonaire
Yeah, I stay focus and moving baby
Aint concern with the BS cause stress is deadly
Part of my swag I keep it off safety
I know you really care cause I am just so NG
Oh yeah and you aint got to lie about it
I can really tell that you are looking for a way about
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday put 'em out
Oneye' so I move away
And people are going to talk they can say what they say
But they can’t walk the walk
We get to know each other real close up
Forget our problems and just drink up


Yeah and I know you made me wait for it
But it was worth it
I ain’t got to pay for it
The real classy type that’s what I am in to
Caramel skin tone
sharp like a ginsu making kisses with the pretty brown eyes boo
Had me stuck on your frame right next to you
I don’t know what to do when I am next to you
Your body shape like a pear no vegetable
Hey, but that was just the intro
Now we're to the part we’re just so into
Each other babe, lounging in the shade, pool side, palm trees, no everglades
On the island, shop'n stylin
Made for each other like the strings on the violin
Perfect music making them love sounds
But before that we had the beat down


Thanks to Yuki for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to softblue for correcting these lyrics

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