Snoop Dogg - Keep Going Lyrics

We live life like it's a party
Then y'all stop, we keep going
If they ain’t switch then
Something pop off
We don’t stop boy, we keep
Going, going, going

Getting high in my C-boy stance

[Verse 1 ]
Back at it
New day, same status
Drop classics, all 'til I fall, Hank Gathers
Weed addict, big blunts, zig-zag it
Roll it hard, ride big, Six Flag it
Automatic, Adidas sweats is sagging
My seeds been planted
All over the planet
We’re not the same, I ease off the plane
PJ’s Clear port in PJ's for days
Don’t know their names, I ain’t ask them nothing
But them hoes ain’t rolling if them hoes ain't fucking
Slick back on up
While I let these honeys just stack on up
My squad all loud: what you want to do?
I’m a 12-guage homie, you's a .22
But go ahead, my nigga, fly, just to what you do
But just know: it won’t be cool when I do it to you
I’m so in control
God blessed the child that got his own
And I got a big bone
It's Snoop Dizzle for shizzle with a brizzle when it's about to licked off


Getting high in my C-boy stance

[Verse 2 ]
I’m stuck in my zone
2-3-3-2, was off, now I'm on
Wave top flow, shit's clear like Patron
You real with me I'm real with you, you fake, then I'm gone
Fuck what you want, it's the modern day Al Capone
Going up for zippy of that nippy I put the hoes on
Stuck in the game it stays the same, nigga
The fame try to change like I'm one of these lame niggas
My chain to blame nigga, it do what you can’t nigga
LB, HIP hard in the paint, nigga
Homie, it don't stop, we get to slapping niggas, bopping niggas
Taking your girls nigga and putting Pac up in em
Hear my voice it's on point
High off life, the world my joint
XL smoke, inhale more
Small-time kid with them XL hoes
I’m just did what I'm supposed to do
Now run the whole scene, crowned the king
Pow, pow, take those shots
Forever on the go and I don't make no stops


(Getting, getting high, get my boys see ..)

Thanks to greta

Thanks to jj. for correcting these lyrics

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