Chris Brown - Build For This Lyrics

Feat Trey Songz & Claude

Started out texting out further
I know that you got a man I’m like why bother
How she’s like nigger what’s up
She said her man ain’t showing no love
Told me come over cause I am all alone
She said it will be great cause her mama ain’t home
I’ve been .. over to her crib
Girl me and you it’s gonna get epic
Come on get .. get ready
We’ll do everything you think of
Wait until .. off


We’ve been talking for a while
Show me how you get down
Girl you will think
Get lost in the shits
Cause you’ll gonna find me
Girl you will think
I was built for this

I’ve been hearing you singing like ..
I use my tongue yeah I am cookie monster
You are amazon so can we take this on a condo
.. the sheets so I had to get on this
.. but I am already on the ..
Can I lick it lick it


Baby we can run away
On the love highway
Ain’t nobody above her
Nobody can’t do it better
Time to teach you a lesson
It’s an outclass session
After we make sweet love
.. in the air
Once we’re popping out .. no more nice guy
Baby keep the lights on so I can go


Thanks to feel

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