Imelda May - Sneaky Freak Lyrics

Iツ知 behind you,
Iツ知 watching your back,
Iツ知 gonna find you,
look in every crack
I know your passwords,
i crack your codes,ツ
I know you backwards,
I even search your clothes

Cause Iツ知 sneaky, freaky, yes Iツ知 sneaky freak!
Watch out cause Iツ知 sneaky freak!
Oh, Iツ知 a sneaky freak
cause, Iツ知 a creepy sneaky freak!

What youツ池e up to, cause Iツ知 gonna find out his secrets, yeah,
i know about..
Youツ値l never know it was me

Cause Iツ知 a sneaky freaky!
Oh, Iツ知 a sneaky freaky, watch out cause Iツ知 a sneaky freaky!
Oh, Iツ知a sneaky freaky,
Cause Iツ知a creepy sneaky freaky!

Oh, we loved to go by theツ
Youツ池e hiding something i know
you're holding your phone whenever you're at home
You gotta feeling something is not right,
You should be keeping an eye open at night,
over your shoulder was that something you saw?
i'm getting bolder, cause Iツ知 above the law,

Cause Iツ知a sneaky freaky, yeas Iツ知a sneaky freaky!
Watch out cause Iツ知a sneaky freaky
Oh, Iツ知a sneaky freaky,
Cause Iツ知a creepy sneaky freaky!
Iツ知a sneaky freaky,
Yes Iツ知a sneaky freaky,
Oh, Iツ知a sneaky freaky,
Uuuu yes, Iツ知a creepy sneaky freaky!
Yes! Iツ知 creepy!
Uuuu Iツ知 sneaky!
Iツ知 freaky!

Thanks to madailui

Thanks to lenoir7 for correcting these lyrics

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