Young Dro - Polo Down Lyrics

Polo down, Polo down
Niggas donÂ’t see me got damn clean as a mother fuc#er nigga wit dem levis on my mother fuc@in ass.
Polo down, Polo down
Ya bit$h be choosin everytime I walk by (Polo down, Polo down)
Niggas act like I aint got damn hoppin out dat mother fuc#in cutty wit dat coogi on my ass nigga. Fresh ass a mother fucker nigga
Ralph lauren, luis, Gucci
Polo down , polo down
Hey I be fresh, I be clean
Im bumble be sharp
Im feelin the buzz
I know shit about the bubble
Im feelin the suds
These pussy niggas mad
Im feelin the grudge
Got dem lyrics on Katrina
Im feelin the flood.
They got the phone number
Im feelin the call
They aint know I was this serious
They feelin appauled
Half a million for my condo
Im feelin my pad
The astin martin I had one
but im feelin the jag
I feel If I got 30 mil I have to divide it
Should I go live in brazil , I havenÂ’t decided.
I feel money make you real
When havin without it
I stay fresh mother fucker
Who askin bout me.
Ralph lauren luis, Gucci
Hey I be fresh, I be clean
Polo down, Polo down
Verse 2
Polo polo turtle neck
Ralph lauren you aint even heard of that
Killin these fuck nigga verbally
Benz 500 im swerving it
Sweater wit the boots im cashmire
Yall fuck niggas so last year
Panoramic roof its glass here
We aint getting nothing but the cash here
Polo polo down down
Man I aint lyin I be killin dis shit
Like hold up hold up now now
Man these hoes be digging dis shit
Man im luis , Gucci, im sharp wit mine
Ralph lauren down in the parkin lot
Nigga aint fresh im call him out
Fuck yall niggas be talkin bout
Ralph lauren shoes wit da belt to match
Nigga I donÂ’t need no help wit dat
Walk up in the mall spend 35,000 I want it all man tell em itÂ’s a selfish act
Horses on me now now
Hoes on me now now
Polo polo down down
Polo polo down down

Thanks to Corrected By Shaun Meadows for correcting these lyrics

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