Pain is sexual

And I'm horny, I'm horny, horny

[Violent J:]

I jump in the mosh pit, but I'm alone

Between 4 trees I get it on

My brain is hemorrhaging, it's them or me

It ain't easy knocking over a tree (I pass out)

I wake up the room is padded

It would appear I've had it

But hold up

Close rip, wrap them around my neck

And choke myself to death, no breath

Now I'm out, I'm strapped down

Wait, I can still move my head around

I got about 4 inches between the back of my head

And the metal gurney bed


Slamming it, retractions


I feel the back of my skull is cracking


A broken bone is piercing my brain

And oh, I just hammered it in...


Ahh I hurt myself

God I hurt myself

Stop me

Pain, pain

Stop me

[Monoxide Child:]

I'm sitting in the dark, talking to myself

Why does everybody tell me that I need help?

I'm in love with pain

I take a needle or a knife

And drive that mother fucker through my windpipe

Just might

Take a razor blade

Dip it in some gas

See if I can take a little skin of the calf

Grotesque I'm a walking body bag

And when it all heals I'll pick the scabs

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]

Alone in the casket, buried in the earth

Self-inflicted wounds, blood stains on my t-shirt

Kick out the door till my legs fall off

Try to use my head my skulls to soft

The pain overwhelms shooting through my kidneys

Blood rushes out when I stick a shank in me

Keep stabbing and sticking

And pulling all the blood spitting

And I cut off the oxygen

And take my own life again


Why, tell me why

Do you hurt yourself, when you know I love you


Why, tell me why

Do you hurt yourself, when you know I love you


[Anybody Killa:]

Do you wanna die? Do you need my help?

Is it self mutilation that you're bringing on yourself

Went through the same situation 1 year ago

I guess that explains all the scars on my throat

Why you still breathing, are you still alive?

Escaping from the deamons that you had locked inside

You death suicidal than come an play my game

One gun, one bullet if you're it no pain

[Shaggy 2 Dope:]

A layer up skin ohhh, I pull it back

And smooth it back down with some simple smack (OUCH)

Wednesday nights I got kicked off my bowling league

Just cause I show up bite a bowling ball and leave

Yea go ahead curse me you faggots

So I throw my legs onto moving cars, you got your habits

I don't consider it hurting myself, it brings me joy

Now shut the fuck up here

Batter up UHHHHAHHH!!

[Jamie Madrox:]

Cut and slice away with a steak knife

Hit myself in the ankle with a PVC pipe

Exacto blade underneath the fingernail

Bleed and make another cut, fucking might as well

Tablespoon of Morton's salt pour it on the wound

If it don't burn you don't know what you doing

If you fail just return to start

Self defecation is a beautiful art




pain is sexual


pain is sexual


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