Crown Ov Horns - The Machete Lyrics

ncient tribal war takes place in present day
Warriors' marched and chanted war hymns
Weapons and fists raised high in unity
Evoking the lost art of headhunting ritual

Dusk fell, killing spree begins
Heads cut off, gathered as trophies
An outbreak of violence
Buildings set on fire and burnt down

Return to the age of chaos and darkness
Barbaric unlawful acts of blasphemy
Warriors collected their victims' heads
Left are beheaded corpses, piled up in masses

Murder – your useless kind, not needed here
Mutilate – your body in redemption of our glory
Decapitate – your head proclaiming victory

Weapon of choice sharpened
To split apart the head and body
Multiple stabs to ensure a certain death
Sacrificial rituals to occur once again

Entrails pulled out from the body
Decapitated head held up high in the sky
Ancient practice of headhunting ritual
Eating victims' heart to strengthen oneself

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