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Crown Ov Horns - Hill Of The Poisonous Trees Lyrics

trail of rotting remains' stench
That leads to a large enclosed area
Buildings surrounded by barb wire fence
It's gate guarded by armed watchmen

Electrified fence interlaced with barb wire
Classrooms changed into cells and torture chambers
Windows mounted with iron bars and barb wire
Be prepared to be interrogated, this is the prison S-21!

Prisoners stripped bare, hands shackled to the walls
Hopelessly, they gaze through their cell's window
Fortunate ones managed to commit suicide
Ending their lives rather to be unfortunately tortured

Inflicted with endless torture and torment
Prisoners are forced to confess to their crimes
Inhuman sufferance of severe, excruciating pain
Resulting the death of many by excessive abuse

Forced to be shocked with high voltage electricity
Flesh are burnt with scorching hot metal slabs
Suffocated with plastic bags and cut with knives
Beaten and regularly tortured in different methods

Prisoners' head held under water for a long period of time
Fingernails pulled out and alcohol poured into the wound
Females captives raped and assaulted by interrogators
Frequent use of the waterboard to force confessions

Reek of putrefaction spreads across the prison
As dead bodies of prisoners were all buried nearby
Lost souls wander aimlessly in the region
Haunting the prison with tormented cries of agony

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