Charly Lownoise - Wonderful Days Lyrics

Wonderful Days by Charly Lownoise
(John Sebastian)
Verse 1:
She's one of those girls who seems to come in the Spring
One look in her eyes and you forget everything
You had ready to say
And I saw her today, yeah...
A younger girl keeps a-rollin' 'cross my mind
No matter how much I try, I can't seem to leave her memory behind
I remember her eyes, soft dark and brown
Said she'd never been in trouble, or even in town
A younger girl keeps a-rollin' 'cross my mind
[repeat lines 2-5 of chorus, wguitar solo replacing lines 3-4]
Verse 2:
And should I hang around, acting like her brother
In a few more years, they'd call us right for each other
And why
If I wait I'll just die, yeah...
[repeat chorus]
[repeat verse 1; fade]

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