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T-Pain - Shut This Bitch Down Lyrics

Yeah, Ok
Don't know bout my whip game though, hahaha,
Give em' a brief overview dawg uno what i'm sayin,
I'm from Florida, I gotte get a ride...Ok

Verse 1 T-Pain
2 63's,
I got 1 form NY 1, from the L.A. Streets,
1 got 22's, 1 got 14's,
1 blood red, the other crip blue with some green in it DAMN!
I look mean in it DAMN!
So therefore I gotta let the top back just so i can be seen in it,
I hit the scene in it,
Then i get out & hit 1 switch & make both of them bitches
do the lean with it,
Smash smash ? hell on deuce dubs,
muthafuckas hatin' on me cuz the motor juice does,
Square 12's in the back,
I know you like that,
& that black knob turn the bass boost up BOOM BOOM!
Can't forget about the money green Tahoe,
Spread it open see the speakers yeah that's my hoe,
Plus i got the switches on that bitch,
That muthafucka hit the ground, So let's hit the parking lot &,

I shut this bitch down,
When I come to your town,
I shut this bitch down,
& niggas wonder why i ain't be comin around,
I get my whip game right &,
I shut this bitch down,
When I come to your town,
I shut this bitch down,
& niggas wonder why i ain't be comin around,
I'm winnin' races tonight &
I shut this bitch down

Verse 2
I got more chevrolets ,
& that 72 look so swoll on them blades,
& the garage where them bitches is,
Until you hit the crib you never know how big 26 inches is,
So bitch get in here,
theres plenty of space in my dunk,
& i know it's mine cuz its got my face on the trunk (HELLO),
I can't live without the bass & the pump,
I'm asthmatic,
& ima let yo ass have it it if you think i'm a punk (NO),
& that F650 gotta bad case of acne cuz those kicker
15's keep on makin' it bump,
So may buig is some shavin' cream
& i don't know why but them nappy boys sayin' that
it's black, but i say it's green,
& I ain't gotta eye buy no englash cuz the dude that
delivers my cars don't speak dat,
I sign the contract, get the receipt back,
Then he bring the car round,
& you don't wanna see it braw
& I shut this shit down


Verse 3
can't forget about the lambo,
& how i cut the top off that bitch like a sandal,
Plus i got a door kit on that bitch so dey go up,
& if you see the rims on that hoe you'll through up,
& my wife gotta BM DUB, 24's is TLC so they don't see no scrubs,
Now all the bitches be hatin' on her cuz they be like
"The BMW cool but the escalade too much"
Now i get calls from DUB magazines,
cuz everyweek i call them & tell em' bout a new car that they haven't seen,
I undertsnad why niggas mad at me,.
they go that four flex again,
back with a bunch of bitches like mexicans,
He ain't gotta be soft, my leather do that,
The suede in my trunk just prove dat,
That's why i'm out the window,
cuz the only people in my car club is me & muthafucken jay leno


T-pain talking about doing a remix....

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