XV - F.I.F.A Lyrics


I don't pop bottles and I don't do it to the biggest.
No Tony Montana, I don't push it to the limit
I just wanna kick it
I just wanna kick it
I just wanna kick it
I just wanna kick it.

Shorty know the life that the young nigger is living
I wanna spent the night in the crib gotta ..
I just wanna kick it
She just wanna kick it (repeats)

I am internationally famous I am ready
Game is steady ask the ..
Club owner let us in
Now they spot a nigger like ..
Back in the days when I was .;
They shouldn’t have let me in
What they call him..
I don’t mess with him
I bought us some extra time ..
With 7 of my Mexican playing on some …
Used to play on the back of the club and ..
Flow like the river Congo
If you think I ain’t me
Take it easy on the ..
Real mother fucker ..
So .. now they are after me
I invite them to my zone …


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