Constatine - Make Me Wait Lyrics

I am in the club
Popping bottles
Find me a lady
I’ve seen a model
She remind me overheat
But she .. but she loved Gucci and my shoes Gucci ¬Ö
Told her my name made her holler
Been a little game dressed up like a model
Like you can get the Venice girl it ain’t no problem
She started filling my underwear cause there was problems
I guess you are feeling me
Try to take me to the bedroom where a woman be
Like girl are you for real now you’re ..
Lose cool lose .. I am a little freak
Like David Banner don’t play with it
Cause I am no pussy killer ¬Ö
Time like champagne I got time to waist
So we can do it right now or you can make me wait
I was all ..
She was on patrol
I was lonely
She was all alone


But I ain’t here acting like a ..
Look at it I need a bonny
I told her girl you can make me wait
Do you wanna make plans
Cause we can waist some more .. mind up
You wanna make me wait
Tell me ..
Cause I can give you what you want right now
.. do you want it?
Do you want it stop?
.. acting like you want it
.. ask my homeys

All this time that you wasted could have been with me love making
.. and I know is hard to say it with the face that you’re making me
Let me know if .. love

Thanks to feel

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