ELLA FITZGERALD - Mack The Knife Lyrics

{spoken} thank you. we'd like to do something for you now.We haven't heard a girl sing it. and since it's so popular,We'd like to try and do it for you.We hope we remember all the words.{}Oh, the shark has pearly teeth, dearAnd he shows them, pearly whiteJust a jack knife has macheath, dearAnd he keeps it out of sightOh, the shark bites with his teeth, dearScarlet billows start to spreadFancy gloves though, wears macheath dearSo there's not, not a trace of redOn a sunday, sunday morningLies a body, oozin' lifeSomeone's sneaking 'round the cornerTell me could it be, could it be, could it beMack the knife? Oh, what's the next chorus? To this song, nowThis is the one, nowI don't knowBut it was a swinging tuneAnd it's a hit tuneSo we tried to do mack the knifeAh, louis millerOh, something about cashYeah, miller, he was spending that trashAnd macheath dear, he spends like a sailorTell me, tell me, tell meCould that boy do, something rashOh bobby darin, and louis armstrongThey made a record, oh but they didAnd now ella, ella, and her fellasWe're making a wreck, what a wreckOf mack the knife{louis armstrong imitation}Oh snookie taudry, bah bah bah nop do bo de doBah bah bah nop do bo de doJust a jack knife has macheath, dearAnd do bo bo bah bah bah nop do bo de do {}So, you've heard itYes, we've swung itAnd we tried toYes, we sung itYou won't recognize itIt's a surprise hitThis tune, called mack the knifeAnd so we leave you, in berlin townYes, we've swung old mackWe've swung old mack in townFor the darin fans,And for the louis armstrong fans, tooWe told you look out, look out, look outOld macheath's back in town

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