Cinerex - buy this Lyrics

buy this by Cinerex

What you think
Is not particularly
What is real
What they said
Was imprinted inside
Your head
What they'd reap
Would be the fruits of
What you eat
What you're thinkings not your own
They're sewing seeds inside
Your zone

Buy this

What you think you feel is real
Has been fed to you by a box of cereal
They're getting you off on their product line
Buy now fast before you lose your mind
Bigger; better, more locks
On your door
To keep you safely strapped to the floor
Neat packages of more more more
Creature comforts aren't creature no more
Information overload
Constant flow of stimulus
Over-kill of everything
Bigger, better, faster
Information overload
Constant flow of 'more you know'
Over-kill of everything
What you see
Is not evident

Bigger better faster

What you think
Is not your own
When you're on
The telephone
Tapping into your mind
If you think you're free this time
They will know
What you are thinking
Checking what you're eating, drinking

(c) tekst & muziek: Cinérex

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