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Propagandhi - Firestorm, My Ass Lyrics

heard a song and i counted out loud the two-steps,
the goose-steps back. back from square one,
from where we'd just begun,
and then it rang a bell-but is this kristallnacht or
what the fuck is your plan?
would you care to expand? and i don't deny the choice,
but I defy you as the voice of anything i've stood
for in these past 9 years,
i've conquered the nurturing and found that anything
worth conquering is powered,
built and backed by fear, not by fact.
and having said that... meat is still murder.
dairy is still rape. and i'm still as stupid as anyone,
but i know my mistakes. i have recognized one form
of oppression, now i recognize the rest.
and life's too short to make another's shorter.

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