The Game - Drama Lyrics

Feat. Ghostface & Joell Ortiz

… get off the biceps, it was the night before you got popped
Big jaws of hate, spot tropic, ...strawberries, diced bananas along …
next to the tan house crack is magn on
2008 … to your game, I run on mill the love seat sound deep
little niggers busting on their …
I make a massacre, trying to rob one of my donkeys
But I ain't wanting that, I don't wanna send nobody back
Violate me, take a nap promise you, got something good that will honor you
Blow your little head off while you turn your super back in the kitchen
Power rexes, I … out of twins, bank robbers with large records
hard vests, 86 … on, been … face guns when they rob …
play the script yo, we getting at you, and we don't want lie to you, it's not closure
it's not a code in the coast … I get a little closer, rock your sleep
like I got these little bitches come over
Hoping you fall for the bait, thinking you're safe, had that ass swaying like …
I want the ones niggers, you're not believers you can ask your mama, that act drama

Dollar icey, from poppy, with the spray ...glock with the laser
Trying my best not to pop you but the drop is major
Shot my little cousin I do my art of favor, watch this
I've never been in... cop, get a donut, urge and just flurge
You got the nerve to play third, in a softball tournament grandma way said
I should word your burf, I put your peak on a curve, but anyways
looks like a good game, the pigs ain't leaving so I'ma lay
nice play, just too bad it's your last, couple bundles and tea
and 2 honey … you in the grass, I watch the teams line up,
shake hands, guess the game is over, fagot nigger hopped in the liberty
fake range rover, I'm on his tail like … I'm trying to dodge a cover story
looks like he's stopping for gas, I'ma pluck him, yay
This had to be his most unlucky lucky day, 2 brothers come out seven eleven
and army when stand there, acting like my tires need air
he close the gas cap, too many things going his way, so I just cashed in,
ya probably think I'm bugging, but hey, I know them games and Lizzy Parker every Sunday
he ain't going nowhere
I went home switched gear, ...grabbed me a beer, ten drinks later, I'm at the burger king window
for a … look left and see partner, I hit the … fuck …
Who the fuck you think you is?... Now that's drama
Tak tak what the fuck when I'm not Millie Pill, is it real
Realer than Pittsburgh steel, your ghost past the toast, these niggers is daffodils
got butt naked bitches counting half of mil, gloves on, fully dressed bitches watching them with the
snuffs on
while I'm in the kitchen pretending to be Ray … watching Rachel Ray all day, I get my cake on
Themes love me like a Drake song, rip that Louie Vuitton bought them in my back pocket all day long
Black war mafia, wu tang's plan on, niggers say they're pushing keys but we don't see pianos
Niggers say they're pushing phantoms we don't see the opera,
Niggers steady rocking Drake, you ain't even raster
Take your new era off, and reveal the … nigger, all your cat getting pill
The … to Brasil, I know niggers in grill, that will chop your fucking head off and throw it on the grill
Take your gold off your mouth and throw it in the grill, send a finger to your mom
and let her know it was real
Nigger, we in the feel like Chris Johnson
It's 2010, how the fuck we get 6 Thompson?
Top ten, how the fuck you gonna …
Every rap on you listen get this shit stopping, I started su hu, I'm the reason for that five shit
Came in the game on that fucking ready to die shit
So now I'm in ended up with some fly shit, making bitches on beat bitches all my sidekicks
How I be killing the pussy should be a hate crime, got a blackberry who was getting too much face time
Back to fucking project bitches, now I hate time
All they want is money my nigger, I can't waste mine
Our sun nigger like it's day time, great ...Louie sweat suit with the ...on, waist line
Smooth as a baby's ass, and I got that baby cash,
Catch me in the hood...

Thanks to Andrei

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