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Nancy Dlegado - :.My childhood Memories:. Lyrics

Did i ever new i would past wondering what was wrong with me i was ganna pass my life as a little girl tryna figure out whats the real life of a grown up would feel so old i told my carnalita then she my aguelita and then lil_bonita i wonder why, i have to,to,to,to,to u know why i ask myself living a abuse life i was 8yrs old Big prima brenda la bonita would one day visit mexico i went to her house an she would bring my child hood down wit her homeboy tryna make sit on hiz lap like if i was grown wen she was tight-ing me down 2 da bottom out da door i try 2 open my eyes so brown shining like purls air runnig through my hair wishing 1 day i come bak 2 mexico an tell her but never be da lil_girl wit dose pretty curls again dis da life of sad purls my child hood memories turn away....
I try to vession what day it took place but all those years dat past me away seemed pretty fast NOW im 18 wit a bullet lilNina say fake teen with no bullets (Bitch i would know WTF wrong wit You IS ME NOT U IM OUTS GOTAAT START MY NEW BOOK THIS BOOK IS OLD BABYGIRL:.

Thanks to nancy.delgado2011@gmail.com

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