Crucial - Can't Deny It Lyrics

Let’s do it, let’s do it,
Let’s do it, let’s do it, yeah
Yeah , yeah, let’s do it, the strentgh
You know I’m nice nigga,
You can’t deny it, you can’t deny it,
Ahh, closer, with the black ..yeah, ah.

I got six .. know each other
Always go with the … you can send me ..,
Never been in the soon as we got lovers …
Niggas will always try to …like no other,
F*ck it know from another, …
Yeah, it’s my life time, I mix …
Just like I wanna fight …is a lie,
I’m a nigga ..for all limit
Hard live my religion is to praise higher, … pride of,
Cause f*ck it if ..if you make nada,
So I take dollars, they we’re telling me that I’m nothing but a
..such a victim, keep the haters keep em coming, just seems that …I’m drinking,
I’ma do it up until we f*ck it ...bullshit….
Facebook … you and me,
my hustle and I ain’t rush to believe in me,
sayin’ could be, signing different in the industry,
Funny cuz the year …you’ll do whatever you know,
you’ll remember me as cool as…
I’m nineteen with the ..with no lights but the …
Do whatever you want .. who’s .., move on,
…with no lights for the … .
You know me the club ..
Hit em, hit em, ….stop, ….
Keep the change, you niggas …
Like this my house, nigga
This is my house
This is my house.

Thanks to greta

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