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Mygrain - Trapped In An Hourglass Lyrics


From the falling sky
Raining through quicksands of time
Blood covers the shattered ground
Womb of glass nurturing the faceless

Deadweight and all so real
Stuck in this fear-galloped despair
Room of my thoughts collapsing
Lights are shutting as walls keep falling

Evolution chained inside and fading
In the house of glass I'm shattering
Isolated and restrained of breathing
Sands slipping through my hands
As we're trapped in an hourglass

Dead eyes stare but see no future
Face to glass with stagnated nature
Gained the absence of evolution
Timeless days and lingering motion

I keep on running for nothing
Time's wearing thin
I keep on sinking
Cannot see my see-through heart within

Swallowed by the falling skies
Numbered and next in line... Buried alive
Mouthful of quicksand of time
Locked in a glass coffin, suffocating
I... Can't... Breathe

You keep on running, running for nothing
And the time is wearing thin
You keep on sinking, cannot breathe...
... Your see-through heart within

Trapped... In... Hourglass

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