Mario Devon - Millionaire Lyrics


I am a millionaire
Because of your lies
Cause I heard your lies so many times
CanÂ’t see the truth because of you lies
Lies lies lies

Lately baby youÂ’ve been acting real funny
No more do you call me baby or honey
You say you are working late I say itÂ’s ok
I didnÂ’t even think I was making a mistake
Then Â… making excuses so I wouldnÂ’t know you are doing me wrong
It sound so good you .. like a snake you find anyway .. away
ItÂ’s .. like a .. I donÂ’t even belong
You said itÂ’s your world but I donÂ’t even wanna know
.. another man .. my ladies
And I gave you my heart what more can you Â…
You came at my Â…. Over my eyes
You are creating another lie so that I wouldnÂ’t Â…
No longer can I seat back and take this kind of a piece
I want you to put your creativity at better use


I claim that you are incapable but you are real clever
I donÂ’t understand how you could stick to their level
Can you explain how I pushed you into another fellow?
.. instead of lying to me night and Â…
We need to talk about it but I donÂ’t wanna talk about it
Cause you will just find another lie to help you walk on it
But from the circumstance I think IÂ’ll walk about it
I donÂ’t understand why are you .. I cannot .. it

You are an amazing girl
You ainÂ’t got to tell a lie
You are a devious girl
Who is always telling a lie
You are a devious girl
Who is always on Â….
You are a devious girl


ItÂ’s time for me to approach this problem
Before I lose my composure
Because of your lies
I try to be patience
But is hard to me to take it from ..
I thought we have something special
But I guess that I was wrong
I didnÂ’t .. romantic was mine

Why are you lying to me?


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