Iris - Nobody Wins Lyrics

Weeds dry in the sandFish die on the landAnd so ...Go the way of the onesThey the rebels of lowSlow dawn of the ageEver late crusade, commenceWould it kill anyone if nobody could win?It's nobody's lossWhen nobody winsWith no one to wantThere's no one to missGod even the scoreGive easier chores to themTheir bellies scarred like the serpent condemnedStill fighting a warStill all of it forHelenBut love is a face nobody can winIt's nobody's loss, when nobody wins(so nobody win one)With no one to want, there's no one to miss(let's all be no one)And you want me to say I'm sorryCause you're wanting to understandAnd you want me to say I'm sorryAnd I am

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