Nate Najar - Groove Me Lyrics

Dear sugar darling
Let me tell you something
Boy youÂ’ve been trying to seen
You look so sweet
And you .. fine
Just canÂ’t get you out of my mind
Now youÂ’ve become a sweet taste in my mouth
And I want you to be my spouse
So we can live happily
In a great big roomy house
And I know youÂ’re gonna be my baby
And make me feel good inside
Bring it baby I need you
Hey there sugar darling
I know you got something up for me to taste
You got good loving and plenty plenty hugging
Oh your sweet sexy face
No other man no other girl can enter into our world
Cause I know we wonÂ’t .. you baby
Come on groove me baby
Groove me baby
Come on

Hey there sugar darling
You know you got something for me to taste
No other man n other girl intervene to our world
Cause I know you make me feel far too good baby
groove me baby
Groove me baby

Yeah yeah oh oh
Groove me baby
Groove me baby
Groove me baby
Uh sugar baby

Thanks to feel

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