Curt@!n$ - Bodies Lyrics

Dinner and a movie
I .. in there smoothly
Before I got the booty
Said she’s about to cream
She just tried to warn me
Gave her jews for the soul
She bought her nigger for the jewelry

Wine is white
And the lights are down
Why don’t you go home with him?
Guilty feelings never dance again
I’ve been holding contempt for an incident
It takes two to be intimate
By all means she did or said
They said that shiver is there
And why is her body in my bed
I still open doors
At sunrise
I’ll be a gentleman for tonight
Don’t worry nigger I’ll bell you out

She said she got a man
I said that’s perfect
When your heart is broken
I don’t have time to nurse it
I’ll be your little secret
Let me fulfill my purpose
Walk the entire road
Let’s not make it a circus
I’m not nobody’s puppet
No strings we just fuck it
I am not a chef so .. in your oven
If no further loving
Don’t even say the word
Cause I am not a vacant
I have yet the same ¬Ö
She told me that she missed me when I am gone
She hit me on the hall¬Ö to my phone
All she need was a reason to hop up on flight
To Miami for the weekend
Fucking up the sheets that’s reverse house keeping
And she start beefing
Tell me that our home girl saw me with a breezy
Oh yeah I was with Kiki the other night at CV
Standing on a couch ¬Öin the house to get all the bitches go crazy
I got 45 girls right now calling all baby

Thanks to feel

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