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Wonder Broz - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Lyrics

I am that dude
GT repper
Gushers crew
Yeah I’m cool
Y-Yeah I'm nice
You better grab your girl
Hand cuff her right
I live that life
Life of a star
She ready
She sending me tweets
asking can we go steady
I’m like hold up girl
You’re coming on heavy
She says anything I wanna do
She'll let me
Wow what can I say
But yes
She know the words to the song
I'm very impressed
She like how I dougie
And when ya boy flex
How I'm so connected
People show respect
Microphone check
Yeah the bugets is high
Lay low for a minute
But the buds didn`t die
Ya boy stay fly,
Fly like a new fit
Ask about Tool
Watch the responses

She like my crew
She like my moves
She like my style
She like my cool
She like me Gennis
She like me Tool
Well baby girl guess what
We like you too

She like our
Chitty chitty chitty chitty chitty bang bang

Chitty chitty chitty chitty chitty bang bang (x8)

Hold up
Yeah the truth is in location
With more play then hit the radio station
Not from Jersey legit situation
Don’t blame me
Blame my dad for my creation
I’m pacing on the quest
To be the best
When I snatch up a girl don’t bother call her next
I leave nothing left
Just leave them a mess
Then they never complaining
After rocking with the best
I'm Gennis
For those who don’t know let me tell you
A+ swagg so
I`ll never ever fail ya
Never ever trail ya
I takes the lead
It's money over everything
I swift on my toes
Q-Quick on my feet
Pavin the way to be next from the LBC
Like my girls coordinated I can ride the beat
No vegetarians allowed
Gotta like the meat
She gotta love me
She gotta love T
She got to be willing to do anything I need
Yes indeed
Baby ride for a G
And tell the world what it means to see


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2013-04-05 16:23:54 by anonymous
They are Tool-15 Gennis-16
2012-08-08 01:24:40 by anonymous
I Love This Sonf
2012-08-02 01:37:08 by anonymous
how DF' old these boys r ?