BONE THUGS N HARMONY - Young Thugs Lyrics

[Intro: Krayzie Bone]

Hey young thugs, the world is yours.

The world, the world, the world is yours.

[Bizzy Bone : over lapping with chorus]

" bust them all down,

y'all near the end

when i bust them all down (x2)

y'all near the end"

[Chorus: Krayzie Bone] (X2)

Young thugs, my young thugs,

young thugs, my young thu-u-ugs,

young thugs, my young thugs,

young thugs, my young thu-u-ugs.

[Verse 1: Krayzie Bone/Wish Bone]


Standin' outside is a broken thug, (that's me)

who don't wanna go home, (no...)

rather stand here frozen up,

hangin' out in the cold, zero below,

tryin' to find his soul,

before the mind is gone,

tryin' to find that guidin road,

and keep rollin' on, on, on, on,

rollin' on, you better keep rollin' on, on, on, on,

rollin' on, you better keep rollin' on.


Everytime I look into the mirror keep on thinkin' I'm wrong, cause

I thug, I thug,

all I see lookin' back is a thug,

and I know I did wrong, young thug, young thug,

It's amazing how they give them second chances and they let us live on, all thugs, all thugs,

T.H.U.G., is all I wanna be,

all my little fellas really thuggin' with me,

we done did it straight from poverty, we broke in them homes!,

make them stop it cause you know them thugs is gonna live on!

[Chorus with Bizzy Bone] (X2)

[Verse Two: Bizzy Bone/Layzie Bone]


See baby got it goin' on,

but she was born in a fucked up home,

and ain't nobody filling her mama's seen a vista, (?)

the niggas that'll beat us every time she's gone,

and ain't nobody release her, here we go, again,

there he go again, I don't wanna be here no more,

now I'm havin' a baby, only nigga that help me,

(you don't have to tell me, he went crazy and he left ya),

yea that nigga went crazy, but I thank him for the love, that's all I've got, (wha)

baby got it goin' on, nineteen, nail shop, bill drop, bling watch, I never fail,

who sippin with the head off, rep the prop, who give a fuck about a nigga now,

I don't, and the shit don't stop, yea,

Till the casket drops, yea,

I'm all that I've got, got, got...


Once upon a time,

There was a little young nigga runnin' wildin smokin' weed,

and if you was lookin' for whatever, he can get you what you need,

down thugsta with some props nobody never seem to spot him,

one day somebody shot him, and the drama got started,

now his mama's on the pipe, and bigger brother's in jail,

nigga the only cop i see that got story to tell, see,

first he was just chillin, then his belly got hungry,

everybody in the family out for self, ain't got no money,

so what's a young thug to do now? (do now?)

ain't nothin' to do but hit the streets and get some heat n' put the rules down,

that's where'd he get the hustla, off to the races,

tryin' to win it while he in it, actin' badder, catchin' cases,

before we knew it he was in too deep,

nowhere to run and no where to hide, he was in too deep,

he culda changed his life but no he didn't,

now the little nigga layin' dead in the grave still not listenin'...

[Chorus With Bizzy Bone] (X2)

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