BIG K.R.I.T. - Moon & Stars Lyrics

Feat. Curren$y and Killa Kyleon

So I ride, I lean, I crawl
Do it better than them all
Let the road be my guide
As I glide in candy cars
Underneath the moon and the stars

[Verse 1]
My digital dash
As I mash on the cash
Don’t know where I’m going fast
But I’m going there
Stop at the club
Forever showin' some hos in there
Shaking they ass
Looking for players with dough to share
But that ain't me though"
Before I trick on the pussy
Baby, I'm outta the door
If you were looking for savin'
Shawty, I'm not ya hero
More like a guy that can take you where ya wanna
Just* look in my eye
Like you supposed to
Cold enough to froze ya
Talk about that pimpin' you already been exposed to
Far from being sober
Let’s travel into space
While puffin' on this Yoda, blowin' like a lightsaber
Doin' what the grownups do
Be grateful that this game was bestowed upon to you
Those backstabbin' but traitors and liars don't listen to
Cuz they front but they don’t do what I do
Cause they will never ever be...


Thanks to feel

Thanks to Lorenzo for correcting these lyrics

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