Miley Cyrus - Finally Home Lyrics

Can stop at the clouds,
watching the world.. spin around.

Something looks familiar in the color of the sky,
Reminds me of the best thing that I made last night,
It's blue at the ocean, as wild as time.

I'm home!
In your arms is where I belong,
Please don't let me go, thank god that I'm finally home.

Here I go again, to where I have been
Now for awhile it feels so damn good,
To let off a smile, Can't remember the last that I fell in love,
With you skin, touching mine, How I feel so strong,
When I look in your eyes, When I look into your soul?
If you don't holding me, I can't breath, I rather die.

I'm home!
in your arms is where I belong,
please don't let me go!

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