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Paleface - Emcees Say The Darndest Things Lyrics

Is an MC far-sighted, far-off,

far-fetched or far-reaching?

Stop spitting that self-possessed shit

and start teaching

It's never too late to turn the car around

screeching tyres speak of pious liars

preaching bias

it's time to count your blessings

and calculate your trials

I no longer have to hear shit

I'm coughing after a fierce hit

I sit with the red-headed girl with the pierced tit and a dimple on her cheek

You seem a bit simple when you speak

You should try not to believe

everything you read

before you bring new seed to this world

where girls share tips on curled hair

and the Nature's ailing

Your celly and your pagers failing

to receive the Vital

"How does Young America perceive the Idol?"

Is he omnipotent, omniscient

and present at all times?

Is he a mid-wife or a medium of

what we call rhymes?

"How does Young Finland perceive the Idol?"

Is He a true leader

or just an idle title in a magazine headline

smoking sponsorship cancersticks

and sipping back on redwine

join me in bed

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Nine different ways to cheat at Solitaire

88 possible combinations

that result in landing that solid air

American foreign politics have moved

from cultural imperialism to Globalization

hundreds of millions of lost souls turn to me hopin' I saves 'em

but Why bother using my Mic time wisely?

Why be Gil-Scott Heron, when I can be Ron Isley?

(Precisely! Most of yawl listen to my shit only 'cos it sounds phat, anyhow.)

My material is in no way straight

over-weight conducted at a slower rate

but it's politically obese

I polish the Polish Police and let my soul ease

No lease-based deals, please

just Truth Vomiting

omitting to the highest bidding

MC's need new pastimes

How about sitting unattached and still for hours

knitting a patchwork quilt for cowards

wond'ring what your Life

as a never-was MC devoured?

It's not all Black and White

there's patches of Gray

No need to attack and fight

my stee matches your Way

Who catches more play on the matress you lay?

Melting through

like hot water poured on Statues of Clay

You'll get your raw share

if you treat the Law fair

and actively forget everything you saw there

biochemical warfare, ah-yeah

socio-political espresso enemas for an encore

where you left me was a lose-lose situation

landing in th middle of a church leaving the concgregation standing

the conversation ending

I burned heads

like an orientation camp branding iron

I see Good Reverend Abbot handing

Byron a plaque at the Poet's Corner

show 3 in hand while I attack from the poet's Sauna 03 FINLAND Style

Fill the bucket, throw some water

on the rocks and perspire

fuck it! that's an order,

I'll burn your rhymes in the fire

I gave you a chance two separate times

now you calling me a Liar

well, at least I rock a Symbolical Umbilical you at the end of a wire

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