MONA LISA - Bad Boy Lyrics

Feat. Billy Wes

I wonder what you’re doing to me tonight
Think I don’t want you to be so purple light
And I promise boy I won’t put up a fight
I’ll do whatever it takes
Come on boy just give me a try

You know you want me
Don’t be shy
We’ll do it slow boy
Take your time
Come one give it to me boy
Don’t make me wait all night
Can you handle it
Come and meet my bad bad boy(repeats)

I like the way you make my heart raise
What you do with your hands you make my body just shake
Cause it kills me if I’m too .. for your taste
I’ll do everything that comes in your mind don’t hesitate


I could be there forever like a tattoo
And I’ll be damn .. to tag you
It’s crazy what I’m starting to feel
I could be your bad boy
Call me more and you will
Over dose on really
Say what is this bad boy feeling
.. what a bad boy hit it

So baby give me all your love
Cause I’m about to put it down
Come on and make my head spin around
You have to play it nice and sacrifice
Come on and be my baby


Be my bad boy (repeats)

Thanks to feel

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