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Lloyd Banks - Start it Up (UK REMIX) Lyrics



You know they are mad
Cause I’m…
You never ever seen a thing pull the trigger
You wanna a problem
Start it up
Wait a minute

.. skinny shoe
…hard knock
.. what this … do
Marking every shoe
… pointing right at you pick a boo
…kick the boots
Kick my way in you know I got the jaws
.. getting fucking …

My tap gun
I’ve been flashing on’em
I’m passing on’em
Pull over and … on’em
.. paid my dues now it’s back on’em
I’m back performing…
Look down on them…


I’m gonna roll up my sleeves
.. for the official remix
.. under if you meet …
..e-bay follow me
I can take you there in three clips
I know … but I don’t see bits
.. no 9 just 22
.. cleave bitch
I might get restrict … sick
.. everyone who’s trying to get my cd, quick
I’ just trying to do the alphabet …
Tide with Lloyds Banks
Such a dark horse
.. walks in the park …


Niggers are fucked
A couple of them are not
.. I’m chilling with a .. and a slut
.. sleep in the …
I’m moving kind of quick
.. they hate my music..
Niggers can’t touch me..
Unlike teddy
Is my shit didn’t buy any
.. can die 20


I keep this … safe
.. these type of things come along if you wait
.. she said hey I said yes
I met this milf … action
Her bottie is like … in my balls
I’m a rock star
Start it up
.. it’s obvious
.. ain’t nobody fucking with me
.. these are not even real clothes
I’m a pajama …


Thanks to feel

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