The Game - New Jack City Lyrics

I don’t care what you mention
Od in a …. Intervention
Look around hip hop niggers walk in fear
We call it niggers get toast of a chair
… niggers get toast of a pair
If it’s my nigger get toast of a tale
Tell .. Ross I’m here
All you got to do is call me
… rap for you
.. in a bus .. get for you
Call me G money I am back for you
I do for .. what I do for ..
I … shut this shit man
I don’t do for .. what I do for Dre
My probation let the .. spray
Do for shine what you did for profit
Sent in jail for ten years who is fucking with us


We are hip hop
Hip hop
Tell my mamma that I can’t stop bagging
Tell her that my .. is still hanging
Tell her that my phone is still ringing
Cause I am … on top of the world
.. I don’t see it
It’s rolling on the liquor store …
.. time
Here we go
.. going to smoke

.. if it’s … I got the corner
If it’s rangers against the Celtics
I’m the departed
If .. coming in
I’m coming out
Dropped out .. show them
What I am about
Rockefeller .. out
But enough with all this shit
Bringing the homeys out
Can’t change … my rack
Let them rock it
Gave young .. my flag
.. pop it
Doing money
.. make sure you wipe it off
Go and shut it
All I used to do is sell crack and smoke
And now I’m popping .. cause I know Luda
If you respect .. game
You better talk ..on your mother fucker .. name
Fuck money nigger
I got enough fame
And you can trust Game

He’s on top of the world
With his hands up
If you really getting money
Here’s the answer
… grandson
Got the hood on his ..
Baby can’t run
You got me staying fly
For my soldiers
… bad man robbing me
I had the Louis bag and I was robbing
Red shit on my hand I was …
And I .. to Gunit
I sell records …
Used to walk to the door
My … pick through it
.. speak to it
.. see through it
I eat music
.. you’re waiting …

Thanks to feel

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