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Raekwon - Da Barry Sistas Lyrics

Feat. Tommy Nova

Yeah, Â… my aura is king Arthur
Â… on my neck, guys is pure torture
Really say a word unless IÂ’m fucking with bosses
Flossing the wrong neck of the woods will cost ya
Frightening, cream wollows, ice to brightland Â… my team follows to life Â…
Bosses, nigger we here ainÂ’t glide em Â… unless youÂ’re talking to m, donÂ’t Â…

Â…for mistaking my adds for some hurt nigger
Nigger doubt taking my math and itÂ’s Â…
Â… project, loose conscience think youÂ’re denying this logic
Â… same quitting max is all factual,
Classical order by Â… your gratitude
Till I touch your Â… nigger you see attitude
Â…wait the dead, sat back and my Â… came
Â…for every nigger thinking they would try to cane
Â… medicine that we are, expose your chest to blows and deaths
When you hear, the chef say knows the best stuff

Hey yo, hey yo, fists to fury, switch to Jerry
Black rain dog blue, ghost in the snow, I Â…
No improved armor, my ... blow faster than Â…
Â… flower pop inside well scales all I do is count Â… my brain cells
The rain wells is Â… so much Â… they call me Blow Barnechia
Dropped off planes in New Zeeia
Feel my intentions head cracks itÂ’s like six sixes
Pull up the bed wrack this brickÂ’s Â… stuck in a clown town
What you do is watch clock clutching Â… I see things cast metal cooker
The metal on my chest said look, donÂ’t run I supply you hook up
You squeeze on your father, bankrupt a rugby rap

Â… smoking bars scars, to all my niggers in the hall Â… get million
Yeh text focus Â… crushing em in the long time in the building

We get money this Monday X 4

Thanks to Andrei

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