The Floacist - Need You Lyrics

Why why I feel so needy
When Iツ知 so powerful
Me she I sometimes I reach out for you
I know I should be on my own
Cause Iツ知 grown


You donツ稚 have to be anywhere for me
I want you to do what you got to do
Be happy baby
Youツ池e here when I need you
Eve when you cannot come when I call you
Simply means that I can handle this without you
And I know that next when Iツ値l see you
It will be just when I need you

Iツ知 acting like Iツ知 someone else
Excuse me please have you seen my mind
Iツ知 trying to find it
Iツ知 acting like Iツ知 on a shelve
Waiting to be purchased
Like my best ツ the best in store
Iツ知 a product of myself


I think I got lost somewhere
Inside my emancipation
This fascination the unification
Has become bit of an obsession
Thatツ痴 my confession
Iツ知 going to approach this differently
Iツ知 feeling solutionary
Donツ稚 be afraid of me
Youツ池e yet to see
How free looks on me


Thanks to feel

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