Quincy Jones - Hikky-Burr Lyrics

Feat Three 6 Mafia and David Banner

I’m the … Katrina
First form in a later stage
… on a storm
Headed up North
Do damage on the coast
Men all fall on a …
Baby one part two .. damages man
Over 1800 of brutalities man
Open your eyes and do your homework


Watch me now
Left me on the streets
With no shoes on me
Trying to …
Took away my house
Got no food to eat
They say help is on the way
… Katrina
I ain’t no refugee
I do what I have to
For my family
They show pictures on the news
But they’re blind to see
That is ….

You know the storm hit them hard
Down on New Orleans ….
You call us refugees
What the hell you mean
Cause it’s food … day
And our clothes are clean
And we got to get this chees
And count their fees
Trying to be imposed
Struggled hard on the street
We thought to be united
But the ….
See us on the news
But they treat like a …

I’ve never seen dead bodies floating on the streets
If you had it then you can live your pain through me
One day I got Katrina I was there on my ….
I had to .. push one in the ….
So I guess he let us float
Five days no government help
And they called as the …. myself
Bible in the worst way ….
I had left food and ….


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