Quincy Jones - Sanford & Son Lyrics

feat. T.I., B.o.B., Prince Charlez & Mohombi

Party people I wanna see you dance
If you clap for real
Now get your hands up
Say hey!
Shawty you lookin', good come here
And let me see you dance
Now put your hands up
The whole …

Number one and number two
I’ll take the rest don’t mind if I do
.. the game where is my food?
Quite frankly .. what they said
I’ll never do
Maybe all of you are sleeping in this … before
Possibly blocking me from opening these doors
Everybody’s surprised .. down the road
Where was everybody when I was rustling in soul?
I don’t care they aren’t gonna help
Cause I .. ain’t the same
B.o.B on beat
B.o.B on …
B.o.B is everything you say
It’s finesse and expression
And .. on my name
Talking .. labels corporation
This isn’t a game
It was what I meant
Baby .. try this
Put on this shirt
Put on this jeans
Put on this hat
Got to be …
Better like that?
Sing it like this
Yeah yeah yeah
That will be a hit


.. to the parks
Super cool
Stupid hat
He’s the freshest .. spit/speed it down
To the shoes …
Paint your woman if you like
I can care if you’re doing that
I’ll remind it for those who have forgot
Is the ….about to say a big deal, I am not
.. kneel like that, double down right now
.. ever said Aston Martin cash and carry of the …
They say money problem
Listen shorty cause I talk the …


Bring my best up on the dance floor
I’m gonna make that tribute to my uncle Quincy
.. going down down
We’re beating on the …
This is how we do
.. know what I need

I’m gonna rock my feet
Like a horn …
..down from nobody
Get up on the feet


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