Auburn - BELOVED Lyrics

I understand, the need to compare

The cards, weve been dealt

And you say its not fair

Though I cant comprehend

Why youre so cynical,

If it must come to this

Let it be known, I resisted.

Ill fall to my knees

With a bleeding melody

With a seasoned heart disease,


Well, God only knows

Why our hearts feel so low

Sometimes so, as to test

Where our purity rests.

So its true you cant dance,

With the human pretense,

When they all seem so dense,

Its the world you cant stand

Id fall to my knees

When we all just see as one,

When we all just feel as one,


AhId fall

When well all just feel the same

If wed all just feel the same

I understand, the need to pretend

And when you say, its not fair

Youre quite alone as you dare.

Thanks to razvan

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