Miley Cyrus - Conquer Lyrics

When the king wants to conquer a place
first the people erase
other than finding no one
he gets alone and shouts out for a battle
this is a story
a dreamy one
no one knows why it happens but its for me
i know that i was wrong to conquer a land
first see the rules and regulations then follow the real mind
and conquer the palace from the intelligence
and watch the world give you all the permission
i love this place i conquered and felt safe
i felt together with the love and the other race
first you have to conquer your own land
it makes sense to have the land on which your standing
i know i know know know

this is a possible way
of making things better
by my ideas
the art of war teaches to never surrender
for the others and the chase
no other no wonder
after all that has been done
no other than one
it has been my first place
i stay and i see
conquer the land
conquer the land
conquer the land on which your standing on

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