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Miley Cyrus - When You Wish You Were The Star Lyrics

(Hannah Montana is singing old blue jeans)

(Hannah and Lilly go back stage)

(Lilly Looks out of Hannah's dressing room talking
to fans saying) Lilly: Hannah you rock I cant believe
you did three encores (saying it in exciment Then shuts
the door looks at Hannah not happy saying)I cant believe
you did three encores You know we have a
science project due Monday what is wrong with you!

Hannah: oh ok Lets leave this boring rock star life
behind And get back to the glamorous world of earthworm
larva (Roxy knocks on door)

Roxy: You decent girl I got your little squeaky friend here

Friend: I told you its a nasal problem and Hannah I
brought someone who wants to meet you

Lilly: No way I promised are larva We'd be home by 10

Hannah: Ok fine ill get rid of whoever it is

(Jesse McCartney walks in) Jesse: Hey Im Jesse

(Lilly screams)
Hannah: Oh my gosh it Jesse McCartney I LOVE YOU
(EXCITED) I mean big fan big fan

Jesse: listen tonight I am the fan and you did a great
job (Jesse hands out is hand says to Lilly) And you are?

Lilly:(Lilly takes and says) Eeep

Jesse: Nice to meet you eeep listen Hannah a bunch
of my friends an I are going to the Dragon Room wanna come?

Hannah: yes

Lilly: No

Hannah: No

Lilly: Yes

Hannah: Excuse us

Hannah: What are you doing

Lilly: Are science project

Hannah: Oh right ok I got the fix you do all the work
and ill go out Jesse Toddles

Lilly: I got a better idea you give me the Hannah wig
and ill go out with Jesse Toddles

Hannah: I don't think he speaks eeep

Jesse:(pops his head in) Listen ladies if now's not
a good night why don't we do it tomorrow

Hannah: That would be absolutely

Lilly: Math test

Hannah: Impossible how bought Tuesday

Lilly: yearbook committee

Hannah: of next week

Lilly: Home coming float

Hannah: witch I just realized its no Good either busy
busy bee yep that me how bought I just text you

Jesse: being rejected in person is enough I don't need
it in writing thanks (Jesse
walks out)

(Goes back to Miley house working on science)

Miley:(wiggling a worm) This stinks

Lilly: (reading a book) Of corse they stink they live in there own poop

Miley: not the worms my life I cant believe I gave
up Jesse McCartney for a slimey piece of fish bait

Lilly: Aww (Taking the worm) she didn't really mean
that Ernie she loves you
(They stand up and go to balcony)

Miley: if only I could tell Jesse the truth he would
of understood school stuff but then I blow the secret
this double life is so hard

Lilly: oh look a shooting star I wish for an A on the
project what do you wish for

Miley: oh I wish I wish there was no secret I wish
I was just Hannah Montana all the time!
Sure it would make life a whole lot easier

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