Raekwon - Calligraphy Lyrics

Congratulations you nigger
Now your gang gains Â…
With no respect for the elders
IÂ’m gonna mail you clones/clowns
IÂ’ve been fighting
But no change came
Many just maintained
Said less is for Ray
We dated his thing
Eating good things
He is a good ..
Words in your pops
Stay ahead of beef
Ray shot him in his ..
Wise enough shorty pull off your ..weasel
CanÂ’t make a living with no knowledge, you see Â…
White men were Â…fucked up joint
Fly lab get to the point
People you all get to head what I say
I am the invincible to you non leachable
So Ray just give me my paper
IÂ’m gonna need .. in Jamaica
And close down the .. store
The weed made me wake up
The police stay slow when they catch me
And they snatch me and berry me alive
With some old dough exactly Â…
Candles, quit fucking around
DonÂ’t split sparking their belief
I slang nos, mangos
.. while I stab my appendices
All I get is money flying and Â…
My blood pressure offered me ..
Come to the lab shake the hit rap
Force my dogs they swing like hores

Thanks to feel

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