Nitty Scott Mc - Luv My Life Lyrics

4 blocks family, yeah I think that freaks yo off, ok, that play hard …, ok
Yo trying to stay bench at my head at this empty for
But … is back and eyes open like good morning New York, good morning
Cause it’s not where I am, it’s where I’m going, my friend
When I’m praying in the AM all the angels descent
So the life goes around me every block every town
You feel the rich type ground me like my destination found me
Hating cause their characters are soft like downey
Why you can’t see your sister making move so just …
Guess I gotta do like weezer get from round me
Jesus said that you can clown me, in the end you gonna crown me
Now I’m the realest gangsta I know, not because I move blow
But the things that I know
So you could ditty bop with your mind & captivity
I know that negativity the new festivity, won
My journey to the sun has begun
And your biggest mistake is never learn it from one

I said I’m married to the game, so I am struggle’s wife
Dedicated to the public, man I luv my life, man I luv my life, man I luv my life X 2

Hey, I’m just a poet on a train, a dollar for your cup, and a smile for your game
The music is my drug, so I take in the vein, feel no pain and distribute bits and pieces of my brain
My momma said it’s just the God in me present from the fetus
She told me to be kind I could be sittin' next to Jesus
My daddy works hard every day just to feed us
Raised me on sam cook and made me a good look
I was starting to act black when I whacked the test
Cause I wrote bars on the back of that math test
Focus is vital for my private recital
Fuck the final, I just wanna get my hands on that Vinyl
And bring it back like a tap to the spinal
Hop scotch, barettes and boombox cassettes
Hustlas on corners and churches with steeples
I promise I’ll never disconnect from the people

I said I’m married to the game so I am the struggle’s wife
Dedicated to the public, man I luv my life, man I luv my life, man I luv my life X 2

…kids playing by the fire hydrant
…chosing broklyn for me, summer time 2010
ah to the beat ya'll X 3
Brooklyn whatup? Queens whatup? 193 street
And my mic sounds nice, New York I see you, thank you
Nitty Scott, MC.

Thanks to Janessa for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Josh for correcting these lyrics

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