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EAGLES - Victim Of Love Lyrics

What kind of love have you got? You should be home, but you're notA room full of noise and dangerous boysStill makes you thirsty and hotI heard about you and that manThere's just one thing I don't understandYou say he's a liar and he put outYour fireHow come you still got his gun in your hand? Victim of love , I see a broken heartYou got your stories to tellVictim of love, it's such an easy partAnd you know how to play it so wellSome people never come cleanI think you know what I meanYou're walkin' the wire, pain and desireLooking for love in betweenTell me your secrets, I'll tell you mineThis ain't no time to be coolAnd tell all your girlfriends,You 'been around the world' friendsThat talk is for losers and foolsVictim of love, I see a broken heartI could be wrong, but I'm noVictim of love, we're not so far apartShow me, what kind of love have you got? Victim of love, you're just a victim of loveI could be wrong , but I'm notVictim of love, now you're a victim of loveWhat kind of love have you got? What kind of love have you got? What kind of love have you got?

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