Kottonmouth Kings - Time To Get High Lyrics

If you ain't got no chronic
Don't act like you smoke that good shit
KMK mob backup in yo ass like a piece of shit
Ya'll know what time it is!

It's Time to get High
It's Time to get high
Need to break your weed out and let the smoke fly
It's time to get high
It's time to get high
Need to break your weed out and let the smoke fly
Light it up, here we go
Light it up, roll it up, one mo
Light it up, here we go
Kottonmouths in the buildin (smokin nothin but the chronic)

Ya we got the bomb shit, we be hella smokin
Blowin dank, kmk we ain't bullshittin, pack your pipe is your life fill it up with the chronic, so we can blow this bitch up, never flaunt it, if you ain't got no crip nugs, that light green fluffy shit that makes a sucka buzz, watch the smoke rise, when I step into the room, no surprise, I consume [?] you could look at my eyes cause buzz smoke that shit like a thug does 24/7, people think I sell bud slang sacks, cause I smoke like the dealer does, fuck that, ya'll need to step pack and peel back, and quit the rifraft, it's like a bitch slap, let me tell u sum sum, no one listens, what's up with that, blowin smoke like a dragon, mark the blunts we can get it crackin, D-Loc what's happenin


[Johnny Richter:]
I got five flavors infront of me like lifesavers, got a different taste, each time I take a hit, I'm weed-famous plus I'm famous with my promotional plots so if your old enough and got to doe to smoke it why not, shit I just took a hit and I'm a hit it again then I'm a pass it to my friend then I'm a hit it again, ya buddy, the bud got me feelin kinda nutty, in a half an hour later now I'm feelin kinda hungry, point blank, we need to open up a dank bank, cause weeds worth more than gold in the streets of LA so if u got a fat sack then youse a fat cat but if u only got a gram then your hardly the man, I got big [?] filled up with nothing but chronic and bottles of grey goose for my vodka and tonic, (johnny ritchter your the man!) yea that's what they be screamin, sometimes my lifes is so good I gotta be dreamin


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