Brisco - Young Niggas Lyrics

We run these streets,
ok..yeaah, You already know, Brisco.. hahha, Yeah, i just got my
wings, im bout to take off, Wow,
All i no is murder close range killa be killed,
crime scenes taped up cauz its real in the field
im paranoid hearing sounds,
smoking cali weed, it helps to calm a n-gga down,
i got some enemies, they want surface,
who she and them n-ggas should be wearing purses,
but anyway, i been thinking bout a power move,
it starts a few n-ggas to use some muscle and power
food, thats wat we aoughta do,
HAH, we millionaires in tha flesh,
still hood, hard body, no vest,
yeah, hard work no rest, no problem get em' up no stress,
i be married to the M.O.B and when they send a hit,
i be married to the job, and when im on the corna,
i be married to my bond, the streets dont wait up,
i got some bond to make these pussy n-ggas wake up, Yeeeahh n-ggaa

[Lil Wayne]
Young Money, money, money, money, money x4

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