R. Kelly - Hard Time Lyrics

Now tell me what do you do
When you feel so confuse about your life
Struggles they go up
And tears they go down
Like .. your life
It’s like me versus her
And her versus me
Are you any fools and find
Nobody be back on
Every party every ..
Man it’s like the hardest …

These are hard times
When it feel like you’re through
These are hard times
Let your heart loose
These are hard times
It’s me versus her
And she versus me
These are hard times
And I can’t breath

Why we’re drawing battle lines?
I.. …I said
Causalities of the war
.. over kids
Doing what you can just to hurt my heart
And we’ll do the same
So many nights spending crying
And I’ll do the same


Who’s gonna be the one?
To threat the a .. lost
Who’s gonna be the one?
To make this empty .. conceive
Who’s gonna be the one?
All this pain in here
Who’s gonna be the one?
If there is no joy in here


I’m so sick and tired to fight
Going up and then fall down
Spend a minute is trying to ..
And a lifetime of crime
My heels on top of heals
No I’m not from the field
Yes I am
Help me

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