818 - Breathe lyrics

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You can't deny yourself<br />

The life you dream to have<br />

He can't want what you need<br />

But you just settle for that<br />

He'll never give you more<br />

But you can smile the same<br />

I can't hold onto this<br />

He'll never try to change<br />

I'm offering <br />

Everything<br />

You can't hold out is seems<br />

Goodbye to all your dreams<br />

And when I think of you<br />

I'll be sure to feel<br />

The things you've given me<br />

The things that should be real<br />

Just stay and play a role<br />

Or take the chance to change<br />

Life is not over yet <br />

And you can rearrange<br />

Don't be influence<br />

By what you think they need<br />

They'll never understand<br />

Or give you room to breathe

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