Ghostland Observatory - Codename: Rondo Lyrics

oh, hello

are you codename rondo?

nice to meet you, come with me

he's cool guys, sit down, make yourself comfortable

i've got a big job for you

i need you to go down to the slurpee station

yeah the one down on 33rd street

and get me a drank

of course thats not it, what do you take me for?

some kind of amateur?

listen, listen

listen, listen

you should see a man, in a little red pickup truck

his name is jim, go ahead, go with him

heres some bubblegum and a green bag of tissue paper

give this to jim, but only after he's showed you his goods

this should really get him goin

be sure not to spill my drank, cause I'm real, real thirsty

listen, listen

listen, listen

the drink, I would like a suicide

but don't let the cashier see you do this

or he will charge you extra

are you writing this down? hold on, I've gotta get this

Hey Dimitri, how's it goin? Yeah. Uh Huh.

Sitting right here, why? Oh ok. No problem.

Listen, Listen

Listen, Listen

Okay, Change of plans.

It seems that Jim here has some ulterior motives

So once in the car, he should turn to you

and ask if you want a cigarette

Tell him yes but only if he is buying

Then he'll start the truck and expose his right thigh

bend down and place the bubblegum and bag of green tissue paper

under his seat

along with this

let's just say it's a little sugar on top of his pretty please

Listen, Listen

Listen, Listen

Listen, Listen

Listen, Listen

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