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RUCKA RUCKA ALI - Me No Rikey YouTube Part 2: No More DJ Nice Guy Lyrics

YouTube take my video down
And they said "Oh no,"
"It's not cause you're chinese."
But everytime I say AIDS or Russians
In the same sentence it gets deleted
The government invented AIDS
And gave it to YouTube and said
"Here, give this to Rucka."
This song is called
"Me No Rikey YouTube Part 2:,"
"No More DJ Nice Guy!"

I come here from Red China
Cause internet there is
Controlled by men with vagina
And YouTube say "Oh hello,"
"Welcome to America,"
"We like chinese people,"
"So come make yourself comfortable."
But then they were like,
"Hold up Rucka Ali,"
"We didn't mean for people,"
"To like you more than me!"
If I was Nigahiga or YouTube Freddy
Then i could say whatever I want
But since I'm Rucka Rucka,

The thugs at YouTube
Take all my videos down
They hate me cause they're racist
And I'm kinda brown
They tell me I can't say things
Like "Ding Ching Chang Chong"
They fuck me everyday with
Their dicks in my butt
Grow some nuts and balls people
You hate me cause I
Tell you what you know

YouTube please tell me why you did this
Why you take my song
I bring your shitty website business
Count them, 40 million
I bring chinese food to the table
Try to be your friend
If I was signed to major label
You'd say "Oh, hello"
"Come in, have a blowjob!"
I'm pissed off you don't like me
And next time I have some
Rice Crispies
And YouTube say "Hey, can I have some?"
I will tell you to fuck off
You won't get no cereal
YouTube is kinda racist
They're breaking my balls
I think they're all just
Angry at Asian people
They took this fucking nation
From Native People
Then they tried taking
Beijing from West Vietnam
Give it back to Hong Kong

Now I talk like "Ching chang chong"
And I've senn King Kong back
When it was in theaters
And YouTubes cellphone kept ringing
And I missed the thing with
The monkey's penis
I think that I might move to Korea
Cause then I could have a
Singing career
Cause over there Kim Jong Il made it clear
"YouTube is against the law"
We should do that here!

Yeah, YouTube hates me cause
I won't obey the white man's laws
They want me to just stop singing
And build them another railroad
But I won't stop making songs
I'm the one that calls the shots
Did we give up when China bombed us?

Wait, that's next year... uh.

YouTube just hates black people
They treat us yellow people like
We're chopped liver
YouTube take away all my dang videos
But it's ok cause they get
Reloaded by twelve year olds
I'm only gonna make fun of many more people
There are so many
Cultures all over the world
And I have only made songs about 3 or 4
YouTube will have to say please
If they want me to stop
Say Pleeeaase!
Buy my Song on iTunes, One Dollar

Thanks to mikey 61

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