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Lloyd Banks - Celebrity ft. Akon Lyrics

I ain’t even home when they’re talking about me
Fuck all my ..when you’re talking about freedom nigger
Freedom don’t pay the bills I’ll all .. be
You rappers don’t know me
Neah I ain’t your homey
If you need .. Ferrari
You told me
I like my wheel chromey
My Bentley my Rolly
My Magnum my..
Soldier make it …

Clear my mind
You’re looking for trouble
I pop death
You’re looking to a sun …
I’ve been piping on some hore
Still eating lobster and …
I’m black like crack over the ..
You don’t know
Wherever I go the gun goes

We are in the crime
All the time
Am I the .. nigger come and snatch mine
I keep an eye
To see it shine
I might let your ass start this time
While I get this paper paper
While I get this paper
Cause I’m a celebrity
I don’t need none of you
Cause I’m a celebrity
Keep your pockets ..
Cause I’m a celebrity
Take your feet ..
Cause I’m a celebrity
An unchanged nigger

Media attention popularity is pressure
Porche panorama
.. spend half of the day on
Niggers for days to used to shot sprays on
6 4 jumping like the ground is too high
They spot me and chasing niggers down two blocks
Two shots in the air .. niggers ain’t there
It was a paparazzi flash


Thanks to feel

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