Cecy B - Lunar Effect Lyrics

Something happens to me
When the lights go done
You should be afraid of me
The freak comes out
Hear the music calling me
I love that sound
I try to resist
But I don’t know how

It’s not my fault
Is the lunar effect
Got me listening the voices inside my head
I lost control
And I do what they say
And they’re telling me
I like the night take me
I like the nights
The nights
I like the freaky nights (repeats)

People try to see me
What a waste of time
Don’t they know I’m crazy?
And I lost my mind
Used to be a good girl
Once upon a time
See me transformed
So I break the night


You drive me so crazy
You don’t need to save me
I like when they touch me
I let the night take me

Come on loose out
It’s a new world
I’m gonna transform you
To a new girl
It’s ok
You can let go
Let the night take you
Ready? Let’s go
It ain’t the time to stop
Try to hide and when I’m gonna find you drop down
And I’m gonna make your body hot
Do some things that you will probably not
Do in the day
I’m glad that you
Came to play
Let the night
Be your guide
Everything is going to be all right
What you got to do
It’s close your eyes
Let me touch your hand
And hold you tight
I’m about to take you on a ride
And whatever we do just blame the night

Feel the heat
From now I’m crippling
.. No time for sleeping
Can’t escape me
You’re dreaming
You fight hard
But you can’t wake up
Feel your hart

We stop the race
Beating fast .. fast
.. that’s when I capture


Thanks to feel

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