98 DEGREES - Give It Up Lyrics

Hey yeahNow here's a storyOne we both knowAbout two peopleWhen they lost their self controlIf we're not careful it might be you and meWhen things are goodYou gotta let them be, ohWhy you wanna play me aroundWhy you wanna mess with this love that we've foundWhy you wanna tear us apartIf you're trying to break my heartYou better give it up, give it up'cause I am not gonna take anymoreYeah my heart has made mistakes like this beforeIf you don't start treating me rightI'm gonna give it up, give it up, give it upStarting with tonightOh baby, oh yeahStarting with tonightI'm gonna make it right, oh yeahWhy you wanna play with mePlay me around, oh baby calm down

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